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Webinar – Enabling flexible working for now and tomorrow

Roc Director of Strategic Alliances, Mark Benson; Craig Bramley from Citrix and Chris Marks from Nutanix will discuss business continuity with

Webinar – Replanning your projects portfolio after the COVID-19 lockdown

Roc’s Head of Projects and Programmes, Andy Clarke, looks at how project portfolios will need to be re-planned based on post-lockdown

Webinar – Liberate costs and improve experience

Roc’s Process Transformation Team will present how virtual process workshops can rapidly free costs from outdated processes, starting with

Whitepaper – Lessons in Networking

More than ever university students are consumers and their education viewed as a product they are buying. Roc’s Lessons In

Guide – DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

Facilitated by Roc Technologies, Citrix Desktop as a service (DAAS) delivers virtual desktops and applications, as and when they are needed,

Guide – Microsoft Teams Collaboration Service

For those organisations that lack the IT capacity, resource or knowledge to adopt an enterprise-class

Guide – Secure-Multi-Cloud Services from UKCloud

Discover more about UKCloud’s highly-resilient Tier 3, UK data centres which underpin Roc’s

Guide – Remote Business Process Workshop

Roc’s Online Business Process Workshop Service provides customers with clearly

Whitepaper – A Business Approach to SAP Deployment

Download our latest whitepaper to understand more about SAP deployment, why there is