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Roc Technologies understands the importance
of effecting change within organisations.

Whilst implementing technical solutions is becoming easier, the ability to use technology and data access to create meaningful changes is becoming more challenging. Roc can support your organisation with a range of expert services – from fully outsourced project portfolio management to flexible enterprise programmes and on-demand project resourcing.


The ability of an organisation to deliver against its business plan can be a key differentiator in today’s competitive market.

Roc provides consultancy advice to clients to enable effective project delivery across their portfolios.
Our Services Include:
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    Project & Programme

  • 3-web-1

    PMO Management
    & PMO Operations

  • 4-web-1

    Portfolio Management

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    Turnkey Project

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    PMO as a Service

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    Project Services

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    Resoucing as a Service

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    Field Services

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    Retail/Branch Rollout Services

All our project professionals, our processes and our library of documentation are based on ATLAS, our in-house, best practice guide for project management. ATLAS is a knowledge bank drawing on our collective knowledge gained from delivering over 400 projects per year. It contains processes, guidelines, templates, lessons and “best in class” document examples, ensuring our project activity is consistent and highly successful – based on the most up-to-date business thinking combined with our experience.

The challenges of effective project delivery are largely consistent across sectors and across organisations. As such, Roc works with clients across a range of industries and sizes. No matter the business, we can help you streamline your operations resulting in cost and time savings, delivering a healthier bottom line.

Roc use Atlas Digital to support project activity. Atlas Digital is a project reporting tool that provides high quality portfolio reports based on a zero-code platform. It’s a quick, easy and cost effective way to get project management information to decision-makers.


Roc can support organisations with project services
and help realise the following benefits:

  • Delivering Effective Change

    The ability to deliver effective organisational change from the projects and programmes portfolio is an essential component of a successful business.

  • Business Case Predictability

    Getting business case planning right is key. It’s impossible for management to make informed investment decisions if the business case cost and time estimates are inaccurate.

  • Delivering Key Projects

    There are certain projects that are so important to an organisation that they just can’t be allowed to fail. Engaging with Roc’s project expertise is a reliable way to ensure success.

  • Reducing Delivery Cost

    Effective PMOs can reduce an organisation’s delivery costs by 10%. Roc can help build the right processes and structures to realise these cost savings.

  • Improving Delivery Throughput

    Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands on hardware and software upfront.


Roc has successfully delivered projects and programmes for clients across multiple sectors, both public and private, to support strategic objectives and operational needs.

Projects range from multi-million-pound global programmes, to point solutions to meet a specific requirement or mitigate an identified risk. Our expertise, processes and guidelines have been successfully proven across sectors.


Our sector footprint includes:

Higher Education
Emergency Services
Professional Services