COVID-19 Guidance: Progressing Cable Infrastructure Work During the Lockdown

The lockdown restrictions have fundamentally impacted almost every organisation within the UK, with similar impacts being experienced in many countries around the world. We see pictures on the news of normally busy locations, such as transport hubs, that are almost deserted with just an occasional policeman patrolling the area.

The priority for everyone has been social isolation and this has changed the working practices for many of us, across sectors throughout the UK. Work has focused on the need to establish a remote working solution and ensuring IT systems can manage the increased capacity. However, if your organisation is considering upgrading your network infrastructure, now might be the ideal time to do it. With empty offices and workspaces, cabling installation work can take place during normal working hours rather than at evenings and weekends, providing a substantial potential cost and time saving and with minimum disruption. Some of our clients recognise that project portfolios will get busy once lockdown restrictions are lifted so any opportunity to complete project work now can only improve the position later in the year.

Roc engineers have work practices currently in place to take account of the current difficult situation and ensure installation work can be carried out quickly, safely and cleanly, including the use of specialist PPE where required. The safety of our people and that of others around us is the primary consideration, so work can only be commenced if signed off by one of our experienced managers.

Our teams have vast experience, underpinned by proven methodologies and safe systems of work, of successful delivery across campus environments such as airports, MOD establishments, Universities and large office environments. Get in touch to find out more.