COVID-19 Guidance: Progressing Cable Infrastructure Work During the Lockdown

The lockdown restrictions have fundamentally impacted almost every organisation within the UK, with similar impacts being experienced in many countries around the world. We see pictures on the news of normally ...


COVID-19 Guidance: How to Remotely Manage Your Project Portfolio

The Remote Working Challenges The COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions have enforced changes to working practices across the UK and around the globe. The challenges of remote working are well known and numerous ar...


COVID-19 Guidance: Unified Communications Project for a Global Law Firm

Portfolio Managers around the globe are, quite understandably, reviewing their portfolios and helping their organisations decide which projects should continue and which should be placed on hold. There are many...


Mapping the Journey to Optimised Higher Education

Process Empowered Universities Earn Top Marks in Joined-Up Optimisation Universities play a vital role in our society; that of imparting knowledge and learning to each new generation of the students who will...


Process Transformation Masterclass: Are you prepared for the next generation of RPA/AI?

We’re hosting Process Transformation Masterclasses led by Roc Technologies Sales Director, Nigel Kilpatrick, to help you “future-proof” through smart business processes and technology. The masterclasses are an ...


Could “Automated” Digital Workers Save the NHS, and Police, and Local Government?

As the debate on whether automation will deplete, displace or create jobs rages on, I thought it worth continuing our blog series on automation by looking at a sector where the demand for front line workers is ...


Don’t Be Last For Wireless First

Wireless networking has been delivered for many years as an ‘overlay’ network, supplementing traditional wired infrastructure. The proliferation of consumer wifi has driven adoption, and most corporate wireless...

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Roc expands its government services following G-Cloud 9 supplier status award

Roc is pleased to confirm that, following its recent supplier status success, it is expanding its low cost, innovative services through the new G-Cloud 9 framework. As a long term G-cloud supplier, Roc h...